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Support contracts are available for WebUnity Integrated Solutions to do all the work for you!


CMS Sites

With CMS sites you are able to instantly update your own content to keep your site up to the minute with your news and events.

Community Websites

WebUnity Integrated Solutions specialise in CMS websites for communities and bespoke website design using the latest and greatest online software available and custom built templates to give you a unique attractive and functional online presence.

Whether you have an open or closed community, Webunity Integrated Solutions can offer you the expertise to create an online social network that will suit your needs.

Social integration with Facebook and Twitter can be built in to allow your users the best in private social networking without the hassle of multiple login IDs.

For more information on the range of tools and services available for online communities contact WebUnity

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_3rdearth.png

    3rd Earth Games

      3rd Earth Games is a a community website for playing Flash based games and competing for scores, featuring flash animation and direct live chat   Community Sharing, Status Updates &am ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Image7.jpg

    Technology Store

      Fully operational online e-commerce website! Don't get lost on the high street! With our online packages you can get your business online in a matter of minutes!Includes 'Social' sharing inc ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_mymagazine.jpg

    My Magazine

        My Magazine, designed by WebUnity for the Prêt-à-Website launch.   Responsive design with 'cool' effects Contemporary image & content display Range of colours Webi ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_petsartist-groupshot.png

    The Pets Artist

        The Pets Artist is a responsive design website featuring HTML5 animated examples showcasing the work and services of the owner.   Responsive Design HTML5 iPhone friendly anim ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_ArtsDigital-UEL.png

    ADI Student Gallery

      The ADI Student Gallery, was built for the School of Art & Digital Industries at the University of East London to satisfy the needs of showcasing student talent.   Contempora ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_MA-Social-Media.png

    MA Social Media

      The MA Social Media site has been built for the upcoming Master Degree in Social Media from the School of Arts & Digital Industries at the University of East London. Social Media Sharin ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_anthropolis.jpg


      Anthropolis is a fully featured social networking site with many advanced features including..   Responsive design Games Arcades (single and multi-player games) Status updates and f ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_maryart-groupshot.png

    Mary Macdonald Art

        Mary Macdonald Art is an eponymous art blog built for mobile input on the go with responsive design and mobile friendly software.   Responsive Design HTML5 iPhone friendly an ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_myshop.jpg

    Clothes Shop

    Clothes Shop WebsiteFully operational online e-commerce website! Don't get lost on the high street! With our online packages you can get your business online in a matter of minutes!Includes 'Social' s ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_pretawebsite.jpg


        Prêt-à-Website is an e-commerce website with paid for electronic software downloads.     Custom templature Contemporary content display WebInno hosted ...

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Small Business Websites

Every small business should have an online presence. We offer bespoke web design, working with you to create your online brand.

Working with you, WebUnity will help to create the best online presence you can hope for, satisfying the needs of your business and your customers.
With search engine optimisation and a great looking website, you can look forward to being the 'go to' website for your client base. Whether you opt for a HTML based site, or a CMS based site, we can support you with all your needs to make sure the customer has easy access to your services and information.

Blogging Websites

Blogging is a huge part of the web and an everyday part of our online lives. WebUnity Integrated Solutions can give you the best in blogging software custom built into your own beautifully designed website, or create bespoke online templates for your online blogging site.

Whether you have a single or multi-user blogging website, we can offer you the best in available software for you to get online and create the best website for both you and your audience.